North Carolina / Tennessee State Line

Address: Interstate 40
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  • Jim T??????

    Drive your load the way you need to don't let idiots behind you make you go faster than you should enjoy scenery and use common sense.
  • Mandi Huff

    Beautiful drive
  • Scott

    Hopefully you finally got out the Gorge. If there was road construction, then you deserve another badge for patience. If you are coming into the Gorge, be prepared.
  • Trace Alford

    It's always good to be back in North Carolina!
  • Rick Montgomery

    Can't beat the scenery.
  • Dustin Santos

    Drive safely, treacherous curves scare me!
  • M M

    It close on winter time and don't forget your camera :)
  • Michelle Dittus

    I wonder if the Gorge is to trick drivers as the Dragon is to motorcyclist?
  • Sharon Smith

    Still beautiful!!!
  • Kellie Ayers

    Enjoy the view...waterfalls galore
  • Erik McFarlane

    Beautiful scenery on the NC side.
  • kamran popkin

    Fun class 2.5 rapids on the pigeon river. Very easy insertion & extraction. Twss.
  • Lawrence Dernulc

    First sign for gas going East is at exit 20, and prices are rip offs.
  • Pamela Graham

    Tn. Is awesomr
  • WM Jones

    Great place to visit
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